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"Nude" by Yiorgos Mavroidis 

"Nude", 1988
By Yiorgos Mavroidis (1913-2003)
Oil on canvas, 65Χ90 cm.
Inv. No.: P-46


Born at Piraeus, Yiorgos Mavroidis studied Law at the University of Athens and served in the diplomatic service of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs between 1946 and 1958.  Self taught in painting, he studied in Paris (1950-1952) the different tendencies in contemporary art.  He had his first solo exhibition in Athens (1954).  He had, however, participated to many Pan-Hellenic and international group shows already since 1948.  He has written a number of literary papers as well.  From 1959 to 1982 he taught at the School of Fine Arts and was elected its first dean (1977-1978).  His work belongs to the distorted expressionism with a distinct personal style.  Yiorgos Mavroidis passed away in Athens (2003).

P.D.Cangelaris, Reflections upon Greek Contemporary Painting, The Cangelaris Collection, vol.1, Athens 1991







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