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"Angel" by Yannis Moralis 

"Angel", 1979/80
By Yannis Moralis (1916-2009)
Acrylic on canvas, 80Χ80 cm.
Inv. No.: P-15

Since 2010, this painting does not anymore belong to
The Cangelaris Collection

  YANNIS MORALIS (1916-2009)

Born at Arta (Epirus), Yannis Moralis studied painting in the School for Fine Arts, Athens (1931-1936) with Dimitris Geraniotis, Costas Parthenis and Umbertos Argyros and etching with Yannis Kefallinos.  With a scholarship from the Academy of Athens (1937) he studied mosaics and frescos in Rome.  Subsequently he attended lessons on painting and fresco in Paris, at the École des Beaux Arts and on mosaics at the École des Arts et Métiers.  He had presented his work in many solo and group exhibitions both in Greece and abroad, having had his first one-man show in Athens (1959).  He had realized a series of engravings and book illustrations and had designed the stage scenery and costumes of many theater and dancing performances.  He had also created a number of mural decorations.  He had been awarded with the Painting Award of the Pan-Hellenic Exhibition (1940) and the Gold Medal of the Munich International Exhibition (1973).  In 1947 he was elected professor of the Preparatory Workshop of the School of Fine Arts, Athens and in 1957 professor of the Workshop for Painting of that same School.  He had been named Commander of the Royal Order of Phoenix (1965) and of the Order of Honour (1999).  This particular painting belongs to the period of abstract geometry in his work.  Yannis Moralis passed away in Athens (2009).

P.D.Cangelaris, Reflections upon Greek Contemporary Painting, The Cangelaris Collection, vol.1, Athens 1991








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