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Panayotis D. Cangelaris - Greek Diplomat and Collector

"Takis Cangelaris" by Pavlos Samios

"Takis Cangelaris", 2002
by Pavlos Samios (1948)
Oil on canvas, 100X80 cm.
Inv. No P-164


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Greek Diplomat and Collector Panayotis D. Cangelaris (Takis) is a scion of an ancient Byzantine family which settled at the island of Cephalonia in the early 16th century. He was born in Alexandria - Egypt (1951) and has subsequently traveled and lived in many countries around the World.

As a pupil he participated at the international "Sandcastle Contest" and won First Place in Greece and Sixth Place at the International Final in La Baule, France (1966).

A graduate of the Marist Brothers Lycée Léonin Franco-Hellénique (1969), he studied at the University of Athens and has Degrees in Law (1976), Public Law and Political Sciences (1977). He earned his Ph.D. in History from the Ionian University (2011).

He started his careerwith the National Bank of Greece in Athens (1970-1973) and has been subsequently Junior Barrister and Barrister at Law (1976-1977). He joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Republic (1977) and served both in the capital (Athens - Greece) and abroad (Berlin - German Democratic Republic, U.N. - Geneva, Alexandria - Egypt, Islamabad - Pakistan, Hannover - Germany). He took part in E.U. and U.N. humanitarian missions in Afghanistan (during the first Taliban administration). He has represented Greece in many international conventions, conferences and bilateral negotiations and has participated in a number of seminars. He has been also a member of the Cavafy International Committee (1991-1993) and a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Hellenic Red Cross Central Administrative Council (1994-1995). Member of DiEM25 since February 2017 and of its Validating Council (2019-2020 and 2021-2022). Founding member of MéRA25 political party (March 2018) and member of its Political Committee (2018-2020), he was elected member of its first Central Committee (2020-2022). He was elected candidate of MéRA25 (Greek branch of paneuropean DiEM25) to participate at the elections for the European Parliament (European Spring Group) and subsequently named candidate for the B1 Northern Sector of Athens constituency at the elections for the Greek Parliament (May and July 2019). He was elected delegate and participated to the 1st Consultative Congress of MéRA25 (June 2021 and May 2022). He was removed from both memberships because he expressed the opinion that the former King of the Hellenes, Constantine II, should have been buried with the honours of a Head of State (January 2023).  He has been awarded with a number of decorations for his voluntary social activity.

He has published in Greek language: "Athanasios Lefkaditis 1872-1944, Founder of the Greek Scout Movement" Athens, 1972 and 1994. "Dictionary of Greek Philatelists" Athens, 1982. "Reflections upon Greek Contemporary Painting, The Cangelaris Collection" Athens (vol. 1) 1991, (vol. 2) 1999, (vol. 3) 2015. "History and Genealogy of the Cangelari Family of Cephalonia (16th-20th Centuries)" [A Ph.D. Thesis] Corfu, 2011. "Dimitris Litsas (1881-1952), A great unknown Greek painter in Egypt" Athens, 2013. "Spyridon C. Theodoropoulos (1891-1983), One of the invisible heroes of the war decade 1912-1922 and his campaign diary" Athens 2020. As well as other publications and studies. Apart from that of the Cangelari Family, he is also a researcher of history, genealogy and heraldry in general.

Active in scouting since his childhood (1960), he voluntarily served for many years the Scout Association of Greece (Soma Hellinon Proskopon) as Scout Leader (1969-1981) and Leader Trainer (1974-1981). He has been also elected a Baden-Powell Fellow (1986) and a Member of the Benefactors' Circle (2000) of the Honours Programme of the World Scout Foundation.

A distinguished philatelist, he has been awarded, since 1966, with many medals and special prizes at national, international and world philatelic exhibitions. He is also a collector of contemporary Greek paintings, since 1978.

Member of the Dekeleia Aero Club since 2001, he has been a Student Pilot (2002-2003) and, since 2003, is a Private Pilot License holder (General Aviation).

Fluent in Greek, English, French and German. He is conversant with Italian and has basic notions of Arabic.

Married in Psychico (Athens - Greece, 1989) to Diana (Constantina-Anna Macris), he is the father of a son (Dimitri, 1990) and a daughter (Marina, 1991).



"Diana Macris-Cangelaris" by Pavlos Samios

 "Diana Macris-Cangelaris", 2002
by Pavlos Samios (1948)
Oil on canvas, 100X80 cm.
Inv. No P-165


  Diana Macris-Cangelaris comes from an ancient family of the island of Zante and is a grand daughter of officers Evangelos J. Macris (1896-1943) and Spiridon C. Theodoropoulos (1891-1983), a great-great grand daughter of the scholar archbishop of Zante Nicola D. Catrami (1820-1886) and a direct descendent of the benefactor of the Hellenic Independence Revolution (1821-1830) Anne Barzò (died 1862).  Born in Athens - Greece (1959), she studied at the University of Geneva and has Degrees in French Literature (1981), Teaching French as a Foreign Language (1983) and Pedagogy (1989).  From her first marriage she is the mother of a son, Nicolas (1982).

She had been elected member of the board of the Greek Diplomats' Spouses Association (E.S.E.D.Y.) at 1990, 1991 and 1995 and had held the function of treasurer (1990-1991).  In 1992 she founded in Alexandria - Egypt the chapter of  “Lykeion ton Ellinidon” (Lyceum Club of Greek Women), whose she has been the first president (1992-1993).  She has been, also, a founding member and treasurer of the charity association “Caring” (1998-2000), in Islamabad.  In 1998 she was president a.i.of École Française Alfred Foucher in Islamabad, where she taught in the primary and high school classes (1997-2000).  She was elected member of the board (2001-2006) and vice-president (2003-2006) of the International School of Athens (formerly TASIS Hellenic International School) Parents and Guardians Association, in Athens-Greece.  She was named member of the provisory board (2006-2009) of the newly formed ISA Parents Liaison Group.

An ancient teacher of her husband, the metropolitan of Thebes and Levadeia, today's archbishop of Athens and All Greece Ieronymos II (born Ioannis A. Liapis, 1938), officiated and blessed her wedding to Takis Cangelaris, in the church of St. Dimitri at Psychico.



"Marina and Dimitri Cangelaris" by Dimos Skoulakis

"Marina and Dimitri Cangelaris", 2002
by Dimos Skoulakis (1939)
Oil on canvas, 120X81 cm.
Inv. No P-163


  Dimitri Cangelaris was born in Maroussi (Athens-Greece, 1990).  His baptism was officiated and blessed in the church of St. Dimitri at Psychico (1991) by the former archbishop of Thyateira and Great Britain, the metropolitan of Pissidia Methodios (born Methodios G. Fougias, 1925-2006).  He participated in the XIIth Paralympic Games (Athens 2004) as a Volunteer.  In 2008 he graduated from the International School of Athens (ISA), where he successfully concluded the International Baccalaureate (IB) - Bilingual Diploma.  He was subsequently accepted at the Faculty of Art and Design of the De Montfort University (DMU) in Leicester, United Kingdom, where he was awarded the Certificate of Higher Education in architectural studies (2010).  Consequently, he concluded his practice as planning and designing assistant with MELETITIKI Ltd - Alexandros N. Tombazis & Associates Architects (2010) and PLEIAS Ltd - D. Diamantopoulos & Associate Architects (2011) in Athens.  He earned his Honours Degree of Bachelor of Arts in architecture (RIBA part 1) from the School of Architecture of the University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom (2013).  In July 2014 he successfully completed the Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA) Barcelona Visiting School in Spain.  He earned his Master of Science (MSc) in urban strategies from the Institute of Architecture of the University of Applied Arts (Universität für angewandte Kunst) in Vienna, Austria (2015).  He joined the Hellenic Army (Infantry), where he had his basic training at the Artillery Training Centre (3rd Squadron, Thebes), his main service at the Hellenic Force in Cyprus (2nd Mechanised Infantry Battalion, Support Company, Nicosia) and its completion at the Hellenic Military Academy (Command Company, Vari-Attica), as a private (company staff sergeant) and reservist non-commissioned officer, corporal and sergeant (2018).

Marina Cangelaris was born in Maroussi (Athens-Greece, 1991).  Her baptism was officiated and blessed in the church of Annunciation in Alexandria-Egypt (1992), by the pope and patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa Parthenios III (born Aris M. Coinides, 1919-1996).  She was invited and participated at the Global Young Leaders Conference (GYLC), that took place in Washington D.C. and New York City N.Y., U.S.A. with the theme: "The Leaders of Tomorrow Preparing for the Global Challenges and Responsibilities of the Future" (2008).  She has been granted membership in the National Society of High School Scholars (U.S.A.) in recognition of her academic achievement and excellence (2009).  In 2009 she graduated Salutatorian from the International School of Athens (ISA), where she successfully concluded the International Baccalaureate (IB) - Bilingual Diploma - and was accepted at the Faculty of International Economics of the Bocconi University (Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi) in Milan, Italy, where she earned her Bachelor's Degree of international economics, management and finance (2012).  She consequently concluded her practice as business development assistant with Phonejoy Solutions Ltd in Hong-Kong (2012-2013) and in January 2014 successfully completed an international study tour at the Fundação Getulio Vargas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  She earned her Master of Science (MSc) in international management from ESADE Business School (Ramon Llull University) in Barcelona, Spain (2014).

Both children (Dimitri since 1993 and Marina since 1994) attended the Montessorian Kindergarten Maria Mavrommatis and the Lycée Franco-Hellénique (Athens), as well as the École Française Alfred Foucher (Islamabad) and the International School Hannover Region (Hannover). They continued studying at the TASIS Hellenic International School,  later renamed as the International School of Athens (ISA), in Athens-Greece.  Both active in Greek Scouting, they were at the outset Cub Scouts and later Air-Scouts in the 3rd Air-Scouts Group at the Kifissia District in Athens (2001-2005).  They are now in pursuit of their own professional careers.


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