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Panayotis D. Cangelaris - Greek Diplomat and Collector

"History and Genealogy of the Cangelari Family
of Cephalonia (16th-20th Centuries)"

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History and Genealogy of the Cangelari Family of Cephalonia (16th-20th Centuries) by P.D.Cangelaris

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The result of a long study and research, this book depicts the course in history of a Cephalonian family (on its wider sense) during a period of five centuries of activity in this island and beyond.  Αn original scientific work which for the first time brings to light the family's genealogy and important elements of its history and that of the place and other families of the island, there and elsewhere.  Through its pages the reader will also discover the names of the 74 most ancient families of the region of Erisso (16th century), as well as those of the 242 families whose members participated in the Community Council of Cephalonia (Libro d'Oro).  It is a necessary complement to the personal library of every historian and genealogist and may be considered as a point of reference and a worthy source for further genealogical, heraldic and historical research.

First published in Corfu Greece, 2011

ISBN 978-960-85532-2-4

Hardcover 520+40 Pages 103 Illustrations
Dimensions: 29.5 X 21 cm
Language: Greek

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