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Evangelos J. Macris - Ensign-Pharmacist R.H.N.

Photo (1921) of Evangelos J. Macris (1896-1943)
In the Royal Hellenic Navy uniform of an Ensign-Pharmacist

[Byron Macris Collection]


Evangelos J. Macris was born on the island of Zante, a son of druggist John E. Macris and Anastasia A. Scordili.  Following the family tradition he studied pharmaceuticals and as Ensign-Pharmacist he was engaged in the Royal Hellenic Navy.  During World War II he served with the rank of a Sub Lieutenant-Pharmacist and in 1941, after the occupation and attempt for annexation of Zante by the Italians, he enrolled in the secret resistance organization "National Military League".  Together with twenty three other fellow officers from Zante, he was arrested (1942) in order to be taken hostage and sent to concentration camps in Italy.  He embarked on the Italian steamer "Città di Genova", together with officers from other parts of Greece, including the legendary Colonel Constantine Davakis, and was torpedoed with two torpedoes by the British submarine "HMS Tigris" near Sason (Saseno today Sazan) island in the Adriatic Sea (21.1.1943).  He perished after the second explosion.  His son Byron E. Macris (1924-2014), father of Diana Macris-Cangelaris (1959) continued the tradition by also studying at the School of Pharmacy at the University of Athens and practicing as a pharmacist until his retirement.

Byron E. Macris

Photo (1931) of Byron E. Macris (1924-2014)
In a "Lord Byron" attire

[Byron Macris Collection]







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