Panayotis D. Cangelaris - Greek Diplomat and Collector

 The Barzò Family Crest

(Died 1862)

A scion of one of the most ancient families of Zante (the Barzò), Anne, wife of Demetrio Ioannopoulo, was one of the most important female figures on the island.  Her contribution to the revolutionary struggle for the liberation of Greece from the Ottoman rule (1821-1830) is inestimable.  During the ten years combat, she offered shelter, relief and support to hundreds of women and the children of freedom fighters who sought refuge in the island of Zante.  The most prominent families of the Peloponnese, as well as the monks of the Haghia Lavra historic monastery entrusted their wealth to her for custody until the end of hostilities.  Priceless treasures like sacerdotal vestments, valuable utensils, imperial documents and cash were given back safely and intact after the independence.  For this reason, she was proclaimed Savior and Benefactor of this holy monastery.  She died in Zante and her funeral was presided over by the then priest and theology teacher Nicola D. Catrami (1820-1886).  Anne Barzò gave her name to her great grand daughter Anne D. Ioannopoulou (1900-1985), wife of Spiridon C. Theodoropoulos (1891-1983) and the latter to her grand daughter Diana Macris-Cangelaris (1959). 


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