John N. Kyriacou (1888-1971)

John N. Kyriacou (1888-1971) in a picture of 1915





John N. Kyriacou (1888-1971) and Persephone C. Papanicolaou (1898-1941) with children

Photo (1927) of John N. Kyriacou (1888-1971) with
his wife Persephone C. Papanicolaou (1898-1941) and their three children Nicolas (1918-1980), Constantine (1922-1999) and Ang
élique (1925-1987) Kyriacou







Panayotis D. Cangelaris - Greek Diplomat and Collector



 John N. Kyriacou (1888-1971) with fellow-combatants in Thessalonica

Photo (1916) of John N. Kyriacou (1888-1971)
in Thessalonica (standing in the center) together with fellow-combatants


John N. Kyriacou was born at Lepanto (Nafpaktos) and was the son of Nicolas Kyriacou and his second wife Anastasia Koitsanos.  His father came from the village of Goliades (today Gymnotopos) in Epirus and his mother from the village of Vetolista (today Terpsithea) in Nafpaktis, western Greece.  He took part in the 1912-1913 Balkan Wars and was awarded the commemorative medals from the campaign (that of the Greco-Turkish War with the Ioannina battle clasp and that of the Greco-Bulgarian War with the Kilkis-Lachana, Beles and Kresna-Djumaja battle clasps).  After being demobilized (1916) he settled in Alexandria, Egypt, where in 1917 he married Persephone C. Papanicolaou (1898-1941).  He successfully practiced there as a merchant tailor and was for many years chairman of the Alexandria Merchant Tailors' Guild.  In 1940, while on a family holiday in Greece, the outbreak of war prevented him from returning to Egypt.  He also lost his wife prematurely at the same time.  Following the end of World War II he remained in Athens to continue his professional activities.  In 1950 he married for a second time to Stamatina Ghini.  He passed away in Athens.


1912-1913 Balkan War Medals and Diploma awarded to John N. Kyriacou (1888-1971)

Diploma awarded by the order of King Constantine I (1868-1923) of the 1912-1913 Balkan War Medals to John N. Kyriacou (1988-1971), signed by the Prime Minister and Minister of War Eleftherios K. Venizelos (1864-1936).  The corresponding battle clasps are attached to the medals





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