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At Psychico

The Cangelaris residence at Psychico is one of the most ancient private houses in this beautiful suburb of Athens, which as a garden city, constitutes one of the first (1923) suburbs of the Greek capital that ever presented an organized structure.

It was build in 1926 by Georgia P. Naoum (on land purchased in 1924), to be inherited (1965) by her husband Christos A. Thalassinos (President of the Community of Psychico during the years 1935-1939, 1959-1962 and 1968-1970) and their sons Argyrios and Pericles (the painter Peris Thalassinos).  Following the demise of their father (1973), the house was inherited by them.

Panayotis D. Cangelaris purchased it from the aforementioned heirs (in 1979) and had it thoroughly restored in 1980.  With personal care he had its interior walls decorated in French style (plasters of Paris in Louis XV and XVI styles).  In 2002 he had it renovated as well.

The house is furnished with antique furniture, rugs and pieces of European and Asian art, reflecting the owner's and his family's cultural patrimony and course in history.

Because of its special architectural interest, it has been listed (since 2000) as a classified building.








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