Panayotis D. Cangelaris - Greek Diplomat and Collector



Demetrio Cangelari was born in the Suburb of St.George, the old capital city of the island of Cephalonia.  His parents were Panagin M. Cangelari and Stamatoula N. Arseni.  He subsequently moved to Argostoli, where he owned a merchant tailor's shop together with his brother Spiridion and their brother in law Michael Mataranga.  He was married twice, first with Caterina Foca (1846-1885), daughter of Nicolò Foca (from the Andriato branch) and Regina Inglessi (from the Cristodulato branch) and after her passing with Rosa Assani (1851-1912), daughter of Demetrio Assani (from the 2nd branch) and Angelica Monferrato (from the Nicoletto di Francesco branch, sister of radical leader Giuseppe Monferrato) and had two sons and two daughters from the first marriage and two sons and a daughter from the second.  His first born from the first marriage was Panagis Canghelaris (1873-1936), while his second wife gave birth to Gérasime (1890-1925), Élie (1891-1934) and Kate (1896-1958) Cangellaris.  In 1894, together with his brothers Spiridion and Michael, they sold one of their three ancestral houses in the Suburb of St.George, that at the quarter of Our Lady of the Revelation, later ruined by earthquake and recently (2000) restored by its current owner.  He passed away at Argostoli.  


Demetrio P. Cangelari - Rosa D. Assani

Photo of Demetrio P. Cangelari (1844-1898)
and his second wife Rosa D. Assani (1851-1912)


Both his wives were descended from ancient historic families.  From the Byzantine time, originating from Cappadocia, with significant military activity and imperial extensions, the Foca (or Phocas) family established in Cephalonia before and after the fall of Constantinople coming via Crete or the Peloponnese, where its surviving members initially found refuge.  Of Bulgarian royal origin and Byzantine imperial relations, the Assani family arrived in Cephalonia after the conquest as well, coming directly from Constantinople or via the Peloponnese.  Members of both families participated in the Council of the Community of Cephalonia and later rose to considerable scientific heights.  Caterina passed away in Cephalonia while Rosa in Alexandria, Egypt.

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