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"Elie D. Cangellaris" by Gerasime D. Cangellaris

"Élie D. Cangellaris", 1922
by Gérasime D. Cangellaris (1890-1925)
Élie D. Cangellaris Daughters Collection]

Élie D. Cangellaris was born in Argostoli.  His parents were Demetrio P. Cangelari (1844-1898) and his second wife Rosa D. Assani (1851-1912).  Under the care of his elder half-brother Panagis D. Canghelaris (1873-1936) he followed the same francophone education as Gérasime D. Cangellaris (1890-1925).  He was President of the Académie Saint Jean-Baptiste de la Salle (1909-1910).  Together with his brother they presented a large bust of Saint Jean-Baptiste de la Salle to the Académie in 1910 which was placed at its meeting hall.  From 1919 till his passing he distinguished himself as a barrister at the Mixed Courts of Justice in Alexandria.  He had studied Law at the École de Droit in Cairo (1914-1918), whilst being employed at the Bank of Athens in Alexandria (1912-1919) at the same time.  He was junior barrister (1918-1919) to the renowned barrister of Alexandria George Roussos and in 1929, together with fellow barrister Epaminonde Cambas he founded the law office "Cangellaris - Cambas".  He was also Professor of Law at the Collège des Écoles des Frères (1925-1930) and the Lycée Français - Mission Laique Française (1930-1933).  For his contribution to the spread of the French language and civilization the French government created him knight of the Ordre des Palmes Académiques (1931).  Exactly forty years later (1971) the same award was given to his daughter Nicole.  He was married to Charicleia N. Vissentzidis (1894-1964) born in Alexandria where she studied at École Nôtre Dame de Sion and the École Suisse.  Their marriage produced three daughters, Rose-Marie (1920-2008), Nicole (1922-2013) and Clairy É. Cangellaris (1924-2015).  Nicole was awarded with the Distinguished Acts Medal for her volunteer service as military nurse during World War II.  They both passed away in Alexandria.


Elie D. Cangellaris - Barrister - Alexandria Mixed Courts of Justice

Photo of Élie D. Cangellaris (1891-1934)
In his barrister robe of the
Mixed Courts of Justice in Alexandria, Egypt


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