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3d Baden Powell large format light blue stamp with cracked plate variety (position 6) tied to cover front by MAFEKING C.G.H. MY 2, 1900 cds, addressed to Colonel R.S.S. Baden Powell at his HQs in Hotel Dixon
The only known of this position on cover (front)

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This exhibit is part of Panayotis D. Cangelaris scouts on stamps collection.  He started collecting these stamps in the early '60s, just as he became member of the Hellenic Boy-Scout Movement.  This collection was first presented to the public in 1970 at the Scouts on Stamps Exhibition, which he initiated, proposed to the then leadership of the Greek Boy-Scouts Association and materialized in fifteen frames.  His participation to national, international and world philatelic exhibitions (competitive or not) followed thereafter, where he exhibited parts of this collection with three distinct exhibits:  World Scout Movement (since 2002) in five frames at the thematic philately class, The Czech Scout Post 1918 (since 2006) and this one (since 2010) in one frame each at the traditional philately class (one frame).

The Siege of Mafeking

The Siege of Mafeking (Now Mafikeng) during the Boer War in the Cape of Good Hope (South Africa) started on October 13, 1899, two days after the declaration of war by the Government of the Transvaal Republic.  It lasted 217 days, having been ended on May 17, 1900.  Due to shortage of stamps and in order to assure postal operations during the Siege, the commanding officer and defender of the town Colonel R.S.S. Baden-Powell ordered at the outset the overprint of the existing entire supply of stamps with the “MAFEKING BESIEGED” overprint together with new values and later the issue of two new stamps for local postal use only.

The “Mafeking Blues”, as these two new values of 3d and 1d were called, consisted of two designs (Colonel Baden-Powell and Sgt Major Warner Goodyear, Troop-leader of the Mafeking Cadet Corps, respectively).  The first of the values to appear (Baden-Powell 3d small format or “head” stamp) was officially issued on (Monday) April 9, 1900 but in fact circulated three days earlier, on (Friday) the 6th.  Since this format did not give justice to the design, it was decided that a larger format of the same value be produced.  It is generally accepted that April 10 is the first day of its issue.  That same day the other value (Goodyear 1d or the “bicycle” stamp) was issued as well to honour the boys of the Cadet Corps.  A first larger and horizontal design of the “bicycle” stamp was rejected.  The ferroprussiate process was used to produce both values.
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