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Philatelic Exhibit
1912/1913  Fight Against Tuberculosis
  Vertically Imperforate
Never Issued
1924/1926  Hellenic Red Cross 1948  Thessaloniki Monuments Restoration
Misplaced Cross
Mirror Printing (D
Color Variety
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This exhibit is part of Panayotis D. Cangelaris Greek and New Territories stamps collection.  He started collecting these stamps in the early '60s, just after his family settled permanently in Greece.  Since 1966, parts of this collection were presented to the public at national, international and world philatelic exhibitions (competitive or not) at which he showed the following exhibits:  This one (since 1966) in one frame at the youth and the traditional philately classes, Greek Issues of Thrace 1920 (since 1966) in (three to) five frames at the youth and traditional philately classes, Varieties on Greek Stamps (since 1977) in five (to eight) frames at the traditional philately class, The Glory Issue of Greece (1945) (since 2007) and The Western Thrace Autonomous Government "Muhtariyet" Issue (1913) (since 2009) in one frame each at the traditional philately class (one frame).

  Charity Funding Stamps

Charity stamps printed or overprinted in Greece between the years 1912 and 1958, including selected errors, varieties and related mailed material are the topic of this exhibit. These stamps were used in addition to the main values in order to fund specific charity purposes.

After a non adopted single stamp issue printed in 1912-1913 for the fighting of Tuberculosis (depicting the then sovereign couple), the first ever official additional rate for charity purposes was introduced in early 1914 with two values (for letter and postcard correspondence) in favour of the families of the Fallen during the Balkan Wars (1912-1913), used during Christmas and Easter only. A year later (1915), similar issues were adopted to fund the Women’s Patriotic League and the Hellenic Red Cross. In 1917, a number of older stamps were overprinted (Κ.Π.) to support Social Providence schemes. Later (from 1934 onwards), additional rates were established for the funding of the Thessaloniki International Fair (used for correspondence mailed from that city) and for the fight against Tuberculosis, especially within the then heavily stricken guild of Postmen.

Finally, special issues were approved for the Restoration of Thessaloniki Monuments (1948), for the benefit of the victims of the disastrous earthquakes in the Ionian Islands (1953) and to fund the Society for Macedonian Studies (1956-1958).

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