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Die Proof
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This exhibit is part of Panayotis D. Cangelaris Greek and New Territories stamps collection.  He started collecting these stamps in the early '60s, just after his family settled permanently in Greece.  Since 1966, parts of this collection were presented to the public at national, international and world philatelic exhibitions (competitive or not) at which he showed the following exhibits:  Greek Charity Stamps (1966) in one frame at the youth philately class, Greek Issues of Thrace 1920 (since 1966) in (three to) five frames at the youth and traditional philately classes, this one (since 1977) in five (to eight) frames at the traditional philately class, The Glory Issue of Greece (1945) (since 2007) and The Western Thrace Autonomous Government "Muhtariyet" Issue (1913) (since 2009) in one frame each at the traditional philately class (one frame).
 Postage stamps issuing process

The design and production of stamps starting from the artists’ drawings and ending to the post office counter is the result of a long and complex process that transforms a rough idea to the final product. During the process of creating a new stamp many decisions have to be made by all involved. Artists, printers and especially the issuing authorities have a decisive role to fulfil in order to let circulate or never issue a proposed postage stamp.

The successful outcome of these consultations is the result of a series of requested modifications, of possible accidents in the process and of final decisions taken before the circulation of a new stamp. This exercise as a whole gives us the material we define here with the general term Varieties. Aim of this exhibit is to show a wide range of material generated there after, items of great philatelic interest, some unique or existing in tiny quantities.

The material displayed herein is documenting these steps as far as the Greek stamps production is concerned (including New Territories). It is presented by sort of variety and category of issue and laid out in a chronological sequence. Representative as possible, it is selected to demonstrate and support every step of the aforementioned process. Special care was taken to include the best available quality. Where necessary the issued normal stamps are shown for comparison.


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